Jonas Bergstrand

Jonas Bergstrand

I was born in Stockholm on the 11th of June 1972.
Around 9 pm.17 minutes after my brother.
We've always been very tight he and I.

For me family and friends are most important in life. Having that sense of belonging and fitting in is vital for me to function. I'd be completely lost without my loved ones close by. I'm no lone-wolf, that's for sure.

I knew early on that I wanted to work with something that would allow me to draw all day long.
Back then I didn't know what an illustrator or graphic designer was. Now I think I can say I do.

I graduated from Forsberg's School of Design in 1997.
My freelancing started in a sheltered way in that I got to assist a former teacher.
Hats off to Anders Lindholm for being a fantastic mentor.

In 2000 my good fortune continued as friends presented my portfolio to CIA in London and I was taken on.
A landmark in my career that opened the door to a wide variety of exiting assignments.
Illustration may not be rocket-science but to me it's a blast. Especially since I constantly find myself surrounded by brilliant people that I'm very proud to know and work with. You all know who you are.